Look for yourself what makes WhatsUpNet a special mobile application that not only simplfies your work by providing best network troubleshooting capabilities but also gives you your time back while meeting your SLAs. It does that all from the palm of your hand from anywhere, any device and over any Connection. At same time you can save time that you can spend the way you want rather than staying within some radius of your computer.


Work from Anywhere

Live your life

No need to miss those important events

Are you at your son's game or just out doing groceries: no problem; Now you have ability to log on to your network from you mobile device over wi-fi or your regular phone connection.

Reduce downtime, exceed SLAs and save cost

Respond right from your smart device

Be Proactive

Be compliant

Get on the issue, reduce Downtime

Get on the issue as soon as you get notified and get things under control proactively hence reducing downtime and potentially big escalations.


Our application provides you with vendor specific hardware and software EoX reports so that you can always stay in compliance proactively.

Troubleshoot quickly, fix it, and get back to your life

Our Application provides you various tools that help resolve your network issue by accelerating your troubleshooting through Industry Best Practices.

No need to be within 1 mile radius of your computer

Yes, you can move around freely while even 'on-call', just have your mobile device with WhatsupNet with you. You'll be able to nip it in the bud right then and there.

Reliable Support means exceeding SLAs

The ability to work from anywhere, any device and over any connection gives you flexibility to not only meet IT SLAs and exceed them.

Reduce Redundancy

Higher uptime and ability to access from anywhere may reduce the need to keep excess costly device/components stock at hand.

Advance Notifications

Know when device support is expring in advance and take the right actions by enrolling iin our Smart Notifications.

Rollback Changes

You have now flexibility to roll back changes through the config files right from yourmobile devices so that business can continue as normal.